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Enable the Write behind Caching

This tweak lets you enable the write behind caching feature of Windows for increasing the system performance.

Tweak for : Windows 98, Windows Me
The feature, write behind caching is used to write data to the fixed disks to increase the performance. This means that in the event of a system failure, there is a possibility that data would not be completely written to the disk. If you have a system critical application, you can disable this functionality to be sure that data is written directly to the disk bypassing the cache.

For this, go to Start > Run menu, enter “regedit” and navigate to the registry path listed below. Now, create a binary value name, “DriveWriteBehind” in the right panel, if this value does not exist. Right-click this value name and modify the data value with “01 00 00 00” to enable the setting and “00 00 00 00” to disable it.

The value data can also be modified with “01 00 00 00” to enable the write behind on drive C or “00 00 00 80” to enable the write behind on drives/partitions C, D, E and F or to enable write behind on ALL local/remote drives (C to Z) set with “FF FF FF 03” and “00 00 00 00” to disable.

Click “OK” and close the registry editor.

Restart the system or logoff to see the changes taking effect.

Enable write behind cache.reg

The '.reg' file will enable write behind cache.

Disable write behind cache (Default).reg

The '.reg' file will disable write behind cache.

Apply registry settings according below given steps of screenshots with related changes.

Write-behind caching feature is enabled.

Write-behind caching feature is disabled by default.

First, click the 'Start' button, and select 'Run'. In the resulting dialog box, type 'regedit'.

Next, go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\] and create a Binary value as 'DriveWriteBehind'.

Now, right click on the Binary value 'DriveWriteBehind' and select 'Modify'.

Finally set the value data as '00 00 00 00' and click 'OK' to enable the Write behind Caching.

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