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Performance Settings Tweak Settings with short description
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Disable “User Account Control” feature.

User Account Control (UAC) is a new security component in Windows Vista. But, with this setting you can disable the prompt from regularly appearing on your screen.

Change the behavior of Prefetcher.

Prefetch is used to help speed up loading of programs but it may conversely affect performance of your system by having portions of a program you do not use loaded in your system's memory. This is helpful when you want to alter Prefetch or disable Prefetch completely.

Change the behavior of SuperFetcher.

SuperFetch is a new feature in Vista that understands which applications you use most, and preloads these applications into memory. This is helpful when you want to alter SuperFetch or disable SuperFetch completely.

Disable Security Center notifications.

This tweak can disable the Security Center notifications in the system tray.

Remove Security Center icon from the system tray.

This tweak can remove the Security Center icon from the system tray.

Switch to your own Power plan.

This tweak can help switch to a Power plan that is designed to balance energy conservation with performance, save energy, or maximize system performance.

Optimize L2 cache memory.

This setting can be used to optimize data transmission by optimizing the L2 cache memory.

Turn off Windows Defender.

This tweak can turn off Windows Defender utility on your computer.

Turn off faster boot and resume time feature.

This tweak makes the system not use the non-volatile (NV) cache to optimize boot and resume.

Turn off the power saver mode on the hard disks.

This tweak makes the disks not use the non-volatile (NV) cache power save mode and no power savings would be achieved.

Turn off NV cache feature completely.

This tweak will not let your system to manage NV cache or enable power saver.

Turn off hard disk solid state mode.

This tweak can stop writing files frequently on NV cache.

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